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Garden Carburetor

Garden Carburetor is a versatile and reliable carburetor designed specifically for garden equipment. It is equipped with various adjustment screws such as the adjustment screw, idle screw, and throttle screw, allowing for precise tuning of the carburetor's performance. The high-speed needle and low-speed needle adjustments further enhance the carburetor's ability to deliver the optimal air/fuel mixture for different operating conditions. The idle speed adjustment ensures smooth idling, while the choke lever facilitates easy starting in cold weather. The metering lever and diaphragm adjustments help maintain consistent fuel delivery, while the linkage adjustment ensures smooth throttle response. The main jet adjustment and fuel inlet valve adjustment allow for fine-tuning of the fuel flow, while the float level adjustment ensures proper fuel level in the carburetor bowl. 

With both manual and automatic options available, Garden Carburetor offers convenience and versatility. Additionally, Garden Carburetor comes with a range of service advantages, including sourcing from reputable manufacturers, competitive pricing, ample inventory, and thorough product testing. The company also provides customized services, supporting OEM processing, as well as processing based on customer-provided maps or samples. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, we offers excellent after-sales support.




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