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Dual Fuel Carburetor

With the engine to mix gasoline and air atomization, so as to facilitate full combustion, this is the definition of ordinary gasoline carburetor, lpg carburetor, also called dual fuel carburetor, can be used for both oil and gas, not only can use gasoline, but also can use natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, in recent years this product is more and more people know and promote. Because when the price of gasoline rises, the use of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas has its price advantage, and the gasoline carburetor fuel is single, and the dual-fuel carburetor fuel source is more diverse, so that people are selective. Because it retains gasoline fuel on the basis of adding two gas fuels, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas, which are common in daily life. Not only do people have an alternative fuel, but this fuel source is easily available, so it is favored by many customers.




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