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Chainsaw Carburetor

Chainsaw is by staggered L-shaped blade transverse movement to shear action, carburetor is an important part of the chainsaw, according to the different working conditions of the engine needs, the ratio of the corresponding concentration, the output of the corresponding amount of mixture, in order to make the mixture more uniform, carburetor and fuel atomization effect for the normal operation of the machine. The use of carburetor directly affects the use of the chainsaw, so when adjusting the carburetor, it is necessary to analyze the specific problems; :

1, depending on what type of chainsaw is;

2, depends on the chainsaw cylinder body is complete;

3, to see whether the intake of air is up to standard.

If there is a chainsaw cylinder, cylinder replacement, chainsaw strength is not enough, you need to adjust the carburetor properly. The adjustment of carburetor is mainly to adjust the ratio of oil intake and air intake.

Carburetor has three adjusting screws, respectively T, H, L; Clockwise is tight, counterclockwise is loose; T: If the idle screw is tightened, the oil will enter more, and the pine oil will be less. H high-speed screws, mainly used for high-speed operation of chainsaws, tightening the chainsaw running fast, loose running slow. Low speed screw, mainly used to adjust the chainsaw low speed, tight chainsaw will turn fast, loose will slow, or do not turn, or dead fire.

Therefore, it is necessary to be targeted when adjusting the chainsaw carburetor.




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