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Lawn Mower Carburetor

Different models of lawn mowers, different parameters, the carburetor used is not the same, the choice of carburetor needs to match the parameters of the engine, so as to play a more efficient role. Mowers have 

two and four strokes, and carburetors are also divided into two and four strokes. The two have their own advantages. Relatively speaking, the two stroke carburetor has large power, strong explosive power, fast acceleration, simple maintenance, and the four stroke carburetor operates smoothly with low fuel consumption and small power. It is necessary to replace the carburetor of the same model according to 

the existing carburetor of the lawn mower. The carburetors in our factory are tested to ensure that their 

own parameters are adjusted to the best state for more efficient work, so there is no need to adjust the carburetor when installing a replacement carburetor.




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