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 Generator Carburetor 

Gasoline generator is used to ignite ignition, it will suck air into the cylinder, air through the throat of the carburetor, the formation of air flow, according to the principle of the gas flow, the greater the pressure is smaller, and then the gasoline will be sucked out by negative pressure, and in the inlet with the air fully 

mixed into the mixture. After the mixture enters the cylinder, it is compressed by the piston and ignited by 

the co-plug near TDC, and then the explosion does work to push the piston to accelerate...

A carburetor is a mechanical device used to atomize gasoline and mix it with air in a certain proportion. It controls the engine operating power by controlling the engine intake volume, automatically matches the corresponding concentration, and outputs the corresponding amount of mixture steam. 

There are many types of carburetor structures, such as plunger type throttle and rotary valve type throttle.There are two kinds of vacuum carburetors, etc., as well as plain installation, vertical installation and then there are various ways to enrich...




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