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How is the carburetor made?

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How is the carburetor made?

Carburetors are widely used in motorcycles and small farm machines, but do you know how they are made?

First of all, according to the required carburetor model, design and make a mold, carburetor body die casting, die casting after carburetor body grinding, sand blasting and other surface treatment, make the body more smooth without burr. After processing, finishing is carried out, including drilling, special aircraft and machining center. After finishing, surface oxidation treatment will be carried out, and the gloss will be better after treatment. After cleaning, it is necessary to manually cooperate with the machine to assemble a series of links. After the assembly is completed, the product is pressed to detect whether there is oil leakage, and then the equipment of the comprehensive detection platform is tested one by one. For the carburetor that passes the detection, the appearance inspection is carried out and the packaging is carried out, so that a complete carburetor can be produced.

Each step of production is indispensable, and the need for human and equipment to carry out a good cooperation, in order to efficiently complete the work.



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